After a first pass of programming the periodic error from your mount you may wish to see how well your mount’s PEC was programmed. You can then optionally refine the periodic error correction curve even more. PEMPro gives you the capability to do this with the Refine page (see below).


First, load in Curve 1 (red) the periodic error curve created without the mount’s periodic error management active. Next load with Curve 2 (blue) the periodic error after the mount was programmed. In the Create New PE Curve group box select “Add 1 and 2”. This should produce a third curve, which will be green.

To program the new curve select Created Curve(Green) in the Program Mount group box then press the Use Curve button. This will transfer the curve to the Program Mount tab, ready to be played back to the mount.

Other features of this page:

Clear: clears the filename and its curve on the graph.

Info: Displays information about the PPC file.

Show Full Filename: If checked will display the full path name. If not checked just the filename will display.

Show Data Points: If checked will also show the original data points corresponding to the curve as shown below:

Create New PE Curve: Press the Create button to perform the action defined and apply the scale factor in the Scale Curve text box.

Shift Curve: Shift the curve left or right by the appropriate number of units. Press the Info button for the files to see the number of steps in each curve. Usually the value is 1000 steps per worm cycle. So if the worm cycle is 1000 seconds long each step would represent 1 second.

Save Curve: Save the curve to a file.

Program Mount: Select the curve then press Use Curve. The curve will be loaded and ready for playback by the playback engine.