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Version History

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Version - 12/19/2020 (Release - Pro version only)

APCC Pro - Bug Fix - Fix licensing issue with chart component.


Version - 12/12/2020 (Release - Pro version only)

APCC Pro - Bug Fix - RA and Dec values in APPM log files sometimes had incorrect HH:MM:SS, and DD:MM:SS values, respectively.


Version - 11/10/2020 (Release - Pro version only)

APCC Pro - Bug Fix - APPM was opening a new window for every ASCOM camera operation.


Version - 11/08/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - Bug Fix - APCC was not parking the Mach2 correctly to Home position.

APCC - Bug Fix - When comparing mount time to computer time, Date/Time was not always initialized properly, thus incorrectly reporting mount time was more than 2 seconds from computer time.

APCC - Bug Fix - Under certain conditions it was possible to set the meridian inclination value out of the valid range of 0-180 degrees. This resulted in an application exception.

APCC - Bug Fix - The command ":m#" was being sent to firmware versions that don't recognize this command. This command now is sent only to mounts with firmware P02-05 and later.

APCC - Internal mount limits are now disabled for mounts with P02-05 and later firmware.

APCC - Add new commands to set Virtual Port output RA and Dec precision from external applications.

APCC - now displays "Connected" in the pop-up window, which then will close more quickly than previous versions.

APCC Pro - APPM - Add up to 15 second delay above settle time if mount is not at the target coordinates when collecting data points for a model.


Version - 10/04/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - Bug Fix - APCC was erroneously sending a command that is unrecognized by firmware versions before P02-05.


Version - 08/24/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - Re-initialize encoder ranges when RA or Dec Encoder limits are enabled.


Version - 08/23/2020 (Release - Pro version only)

APCC Pro - For Mach 2 and other encoder equipped mounts, turn off mount's internal RA and Dec limits.

APCC Pro - Initialize Encoder Limits every time APCC connects to the mount.


Version - 07/26/2020 (Release - Pro version only)

APCC - BUG Fix - On the Goto/Recal tab declination values greater than 90 degrees could be entered under the right circumstances.

APCC Pro - BUG Fix - Point counts on the top of the Pointing Model tab were not getting set.

APPM - Improvement - Manually add DATE-OBS keyword to ASCOM FITS images.


Version - 05/31/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - BUG Fix - Because of a rare race condition a Meridian flip might not occur when it should have.

APCC - BUG Fix - Turning off Slews within West Meridian limits did not reset the meridian delay.

APCC Pro - BUG Fix - APPM Camera errors were sometimes ignored.


Version - 05/25/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - BUG Fix - Tracking rates were not working correctly for the GTOCP3 in

APCC - BUG FIX - Prevent Mach 2 from setting HOME to be anything other than Park 3.

APCC - BUG FIX - The ASCOM driver can send values in exponential notation when the value is near zero. APCC was rejecting this exponential notation.

APCC - BUG Fix - Commands starting with "G_" were rejected.

APCC - BUG Fix - Clear flashing scope view when user clears all errors.

APCC - BUG FIX - Settings were not always being correctly saved.

APCC - BUG Fix - Prevent possible overflow in Meridian Limits Add Point dialog.

APCC - BUG FIX - Horizons - some of the menus did nothing.

APCC - BUG FIX - Horizons - Fixed a number of display bugs and made the displayed data more useful.

APCC - BUG Fix - fixed an integer overflow error that would happen occasionally.

APCC Pro - BUG FIX - APPM - Slew would sometimes fail to appear to complete thus stalling data mapping runs.

APCC Pro - BUG Fix - tracking rate correction was not always saved correctly.

APCC - Improvement - Moved virtual port handlers to their own threads to reduce latency when user interface elements are updated.

APCC - Improvement - In the Meridian Tracking Limits Explorer dialog window, add a button to update Meridian Inclination.


Version - 04/07/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - Warn user if CP4 firmware is older than VCP4-P01-13.

APCC - BUG FIX - Horizon Limit could sometimes use excessive CPU cycles.

APCC - BUG FIX - 1600 mounts with GTOCP3 and encoders would not display the AE tab.

APCC Pro - BUG FIX - ASCOM RA tracking rates were inverted.

APCC Pro - BUG FIX - Fixed math sign for all user interface RA and Dec rate values.

APCC Pro - Improved precision of tracking rates.


Version - 03/07/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - BUG FIX - Fix meridian limit flip offset value.

APCC - BUG FIX - Not all centering rates were available for earlier versions of firmware.

APCC - BUG FIX - Pressing Control-Key on start did not override saved window positions.

APCC - BUG FIX - The "Use numerical IP address" checkbox in the Find GTOCP4/GTOCP5 window was not saved/restored.


Version 03/07/2020 (Beta - Pro version)

APCC Pro - Allow APPM to use camera binnings other than 1x with SGPro.


Version - 03/07/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - BUG FIX - AE tab values are not populated or updated.

APCC - BUG FIX - Custom slew rate option was missing in Rates tab and Initialization windows.

APCC - Restored Encoder Trim controls to ELS tab.

APCC - Disable Encoder enable/disable switch for Mach 2/GTOCP5.


Version - 02/29/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - BUG FIX - clicking AE tab can cause it to switch to ELS tab.

APCC - Limit Safety Park position option if the control box does not have the appropriate firmware.

APCC - Updated documentation for APPM and Virtual Port and Park tabs.


Version - 02/27/2020 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - Added support for GTOCP5 and Mach 2.

APCC - Added Safety park to park positions.

APCC - Allow custom Alt/Az parks to negative altitudes and to counterweight up positions.

APCC - Fix various slew and park issues.

APCC Pro - Fix issues with plate solving NASA SkyView camera type.

APCC Pro - In APPM improve information presented when manual plate solving andplate solve+RECAL.

APCC Pro - Made improvements to APPM user interface.


Version - 11/29/2019 (Release - Standard/Pro versions)

APCC - BUG FIX - Mount flip does not complete when meridian limit is reached and flip mount is the selected action.


Version - 09/29/2019 (Release - Pro version)

APCC Pro - BUG FIX - Upgrade from Standard license was not working.

APCC Pro - BUG FIX - Refraction checkbox option was not saved.

APCC Pro - BUG Fix - Final correction slew might not appear to complete if a response from the mount is not received.

APCC Pro - miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.


Version - 09/29/2019 (Release - Standard version)

APCC Standard - miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.


Version - 03/14/2019 (Release - Pro version)

Version - 03/14/2019 (Release - Standard version)

Relabeled to released status!


Version - 03/07/2019 (Beta Release - Pro version)

Version - 03/07/2019 (Beta Release - Standard version)

APCC Pro and Standard - Added Camera rotation parameter to 3D Telescope Editor.

APCC Pro - A couple buttons in the Pointing model window were shifting position after the window opened.

APCC Pro - Tracking rate correction commands were being overridden by a command from the ASCOM driver.


Version - 02/22/2019 (Beta Release - Pro version)

Version - 02/22/2019 (Beta Release - Standard version)

APCC Pro and Standard - Unsafe Slew moves were not always being honored.

APCC Pro - fixed flip flop slew to counterweight up position when using APPM with counterweight-up slews.

APCC Pro - APPM removed extra slew when settling.

APCC Pro - APPM toggling between Decimal and HH:MM:SS/DD:MM:SS formats works much better.

APCC Pro - APPM 5x Verify now only does a RECAL on the first iteration.

APCC Pro - APPM fixed several cross-threading exceptions.

APCC Pro - Improved tool tips when hovering over graphs in Pointing Model window.


Version - 02/14/2019 (Beta Release - Pro version)

Version - 02/14/2019 (Beta Release - Standard version)

APCC Pro and Standard - Fixes to handle edge and start up Meridian Limits conditions.

APCC Pro and Standard - State of Limit to Meridian check box on Meridian Limits tab was not being restored when APCC restarted.

Version - 02/14/2019 (Beta Release - Pro version)

Version - 02/14/2019 (Beta Release - Standard version)

APCC Pro and Standard - Fixes to handle edge and start up Meridian Limits conditions.

APCC Pro and Standard - State of Limit to Meridian check box on Meridian Limits tab was not being restored when APCC restarted.


Version - 02/13/2019 (Beta Release - Pro version)

Version - 02/13/2019 (Beta Release - Standard version)

APCC Pro only - Improvements to tool tips in pointing model graphs.

APCC Pro and Standard - GPS tab now supports reading GPS information from the MGBoxV2 from

APCC Pro and Standard - Improved formatting of Latitude and Longitude


Version - 02/07/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APCC Pro - BUG FIX - UDP IP Address now works without needing to provide a port number.

APCC Pro - Tracking correction now sends an updated tracking rate when the rate actually changes instead of always sending once per second.


Version - 02/06/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APCC Pro - BUG FIX - Tracking rates were inverted after removing relative moves in


Version - 02/05/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APPM - Replaced HA/Dec slews with RA/Dec slews. The HA/Dec slews were adding a slight amount of positional error.


Version - 02/04/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro version)

Version - 02/04/2019 (Beta Release  - Standard version)

APCC Pro and Standard - BUG FIX - Meridian delay was getting reset under certain circumstances which sometimes prevented counterweight up slews (same as Standard).

APCC Pro and Standard - BUG FIX - Fixed cross-threading issue that might prevent the Mechanical Home position from being correctly displayed


Version - 01/28/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APCC - BUG FIX - On the AE tab clicking Cancel in Configure Home would pop up an error and still start up APPM.

APCC - BUG Fix - The Enable Refraction option was not being saved.

APPM - BUG Fix - West pier side counterweight-up slews were slewing to the opposite side then back.

APPM - BUG Fix - Reset RA/Dec plate solve offsets when restarting a new run.

APPM - BUG Fix - Getting a NASA SkyView image would always fail the first time.

APCC - BUG Fix - Pier flip would not happen under certain circumstances because of the difference between the pointing model's Right Ascension value and the mount's actual Right Ascension.

APCC - Bug Fix - Fixed several bugs that sometimes would result in inaccurate pointing corrections.


Version - 01/11/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APPM - BUG Fix - West pier side counterweight-up slews were slewing to the opposite side then back.

APPM - Reset RA/Dec plate solve offsets when restarting.


Version - 01/11/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro + Standard version)

APCC - Implemented new meridian limits operations to copy "East to West" and "West to East" data points.

APCC - Various bug fixes.


Version - 01/09/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APCC - BUG Fix - Fixed calculation of RA/Dec error when refraction is enabled/disabled.


Version - 01/08/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APCC - BUG Fix - Fixed sign of Southern Hemisphere RA movements.

APCC - BUG FIX - "Emergency Stop" was not stopping motions caused by RR and RD commands.


Version - 01/07/2019 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APCC - Totally reworked the pointing model functionality for improved pointing and tracking rate correction.

APCC - Improved accuracy of Sidereal Time calculation, which is important to the accuracy of the pointing model.

APCC - Fixed a refraction calculation bug in the model.

APCC - In the Pointing Model window, added buttons to select all mapping points.

APCC - Fixed several bugs in the pointing model window.

APPM - Fixed a bug related to the hour angle/dec slews.'

APPM - Added "automap" command line switch to start an automated APPM run.

APPM - BUG FIX - when selecting certain Point Ordering Strategy values, the appropriate controls were not always enabled.

APPM - added command line switches to load a previously saved settings file and a custom point list.


Version - 12/2/2018 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APPM - Changed slew to use Hour Angle/Dec commands.

APCC - Added refraction coefficient back in.

APCC - Added new Pointing model graphs to map the relationships between pointing errors and position in the sky. The graphs have features like zooming in and out to get a better view of the data in the graphs.

APCC - Added filters to remove potentially bad data points from the pointing model.

APCC - In the pointing model window hovering over a point in the graphs will automatically show and select its entry in the table. Also a popup window will show some details about the point that is being hovered over.

APCC - Selecting a row in the pointing model table will highlight the corresponding point in the pointing error graph.

Version - 10/27/2018 (Beta Release  - Pro version only)

APPM - Added Environment group box for ASCOM ObservingConditions Driver

APPM - Keep appropriate camera and plate solve settings enabled during plate solving so they can be adjusted while running.

APPM - Add new option to use last plate solve error offset to the next plate solve's hint. This usually speeds up plate solves.

APPM - Add robustness to PinPoint Remote Server setup.

APPM - Various other bug fixes.

APPM - Add "Declination (Graduated RA Density)" point ordering strategy.

APPM - Add quick "Map Type" selection.

APPM - GTOCP4 counterweight-up slews no longer slew to meridian and back to destination ("safe slews").

APCC - AE (encoder) tab added. Features include define and find Home, define fixed and variable RA limits, define fixed Dec Limits, enable/disable encoders.


Version - 10/27/2018 (Beta Release  - Pro + Standard version)

APCC - Add new Environmental Settings settings to select ASCOM ObservingConditions driver or THUM device.

APCC - Meridian Limits - Added Flip Offset and Limit to Meridian controls. The Flip Offset value allows the mount to flip during a period of time before the meridian limit is reached.

APCC - Meridian Limits - Allow a negative meridian flip point to be passed to Sequence Generator Pro.

APCC - Meridian Limit Editor - Automatically disable Meridian Limits when in the editor. This can cause unintentional meridian flips.

APCC - Site Information tab now includes the site's Time Offset from UTC, including any offset from Daylight Savings Time when

APCC - AE (encoder) tab added. Features include define and find Home, define fixed and variable RA limits, define fixed Dec Limits, enable/disable encoders.


Version - 08/03/2017 (Public Release  - Standard version only)

Note: This version must be used with the AP V2 ASCOM driver v5.10.00 or later.

APCC Standard - enable RA/Dec limits checking for Standard version.


Version - 07/27/2017 (Public Release)

Note: This version must be used with the AP V2 ASCOM driver v5.10.00 or later.

APCC Pro - Fix formatting of extended precision response to GR commands with the pointing correction enabled.

APCC - Aborting Pier Flip would not restore original meridian delay.

APCC - Removed all "blocking" message box windows. All pop up windows will automatically close with a default action. All actions are recorded in the log file.

APCC - Status of a canceled slew was not always propagated up to the driver, so the driver would think the slew was still active.

APCC - Only send commands to Sequence Generator if it is running.

APCC - Fix UDP backup to COM port not working.


Version - 07/17/2017 (Public Release)

Note: This version must be used with the AP V2 ASCOM driver v5.10.00 or later.

APCC - some commands were mistakenly sent to the GTOCP3 with extended precision.


Version - 07/14/2017 (Public Release)

Note: This version must be used with the AP V2 ASCOM driver v5.10.00 or later.

APCC - Fix problem with main window scaling for high DPI monitors and laptops.


Version - 07/12/2017 (Public Release)

Note: This version must be used with the AP V2 ASCOM driver v5.10.00 or later.

APCC - Do not use extended precision format for GTOCP3 controllers. (GTOCP4 firmware "P01-04" and later will use extended precision).

APCC - Allow RA/Dec move rates up to 999.999x for GTOCP3 firmware "V1" and all GTOCP4 controllers.

APCC - Improve performance over remote connections by decoupling many controls in the user interface from virtual port commands.

APCC - Added missing J2000/JNow conversions for Sync. Fixed a few other bugs related to J2000/JNow conversion.

APPM - Many improvements and bug fixes.


Version - 06/06/2017 (Private Release)

Note: This version should be used with the AP V2 ASCOM driver v5.09.10 or later.

APCC - Fixed qualification of high precision formated RA/Dec/Alt/Az commands coming in through the virtual ports.

APCC - Made changes to reduce slow UI updates (e.g. over Remote desktop) from delaying responses to commands received on virtual ports.


Version - 06/04/2017 (Private Release)

Note: This version should be used with the AP V2 ASCOM driver v5.09.10 or later.

APCC - All versions of CP3 "V" chip and CP4 "P01-04" and later now will send higher precision values to the mount for these commands:

:Sr, :Sh, :Sd, :Sz, :Sa, :St, and :SM

APCC - Increased display resolution of RA/Dec/Alt/Az/HA in various places.

APCC - Changed behavior of RA/Dec and Alt/Az Save/Restore functionality on the Goto/Recal tab.

APCC Pro - Pass point model's corrected alt/az position to the driver and other applications on the virtual ports.

APCC - Removed incorrectly displayed SGPro warning on the meridian limits tab.

APCC - Fixed popup message with incorrectly labeled buttons.

APCC - Various other bug fixes and enhancements.

APPM - Strip potential port number from network address in PinPoint platesolve settings to allow pinging to work.

APPM - Fixed ASCOM file save function.

APPM - Added Status bar on bottom to show device connection status.

APPM - Fixed ASCOM connect - ASCOM device was not saved.

APPM - When starting an APPM run a new settings summary window shows the parameters.

APPM - Fixed - incorrect interpretation of  the SetSlewRate response from APCC, which was mistakenly throwing an exception.

APPM - Fixed - User defined slew rate was not being used.


Version - 02/25/2017 (Public Release)

Note: This version should be used with the AP V2 ASCOM driver v5.09.04 or later.

APCC - Expanded allowable timezone range to -23:59:59 to +23:59:59.


Version - 01/29/2017 (Public Beta)

Note: This version should be used with the AP V2 ASCOM driver v5.09.04 or later.

APCC - Updated documentation.

APCC - FIXED - Protect against certain out of range values in Home and Limits Configuration dialog.

APCC - IMPROVEMENT - A popup window will open to restore unpark from last parked position after unparking from one of the named park positions. If the user is not at the screen or does not select an option, the window will auto-close and change the default to unpark from last parked position.

APCC - FIXED - Status window's Connect/disconnect button wouldn't change when APCC is connected/disconnected from the mount.

APCC - FIXED - a set tracking rate command was being sent out of order during initialization.

APCC - IMPROVEMENT - On both the Horizon and Meridian Tabs, removed the Reset Limit Trigger button and the Auto-reset checkbox. Auto-reset is now always the default.

APCC - IMPROVEMENT - removed the check box option to close the Stop Window when a slew completes. The Emergency Stop window now always closed automatically when a slew completes .

APCC - BUG FIX - The Log Zipper was not working so it has been moved into its own separate application. The new log zipper application is included in the installer going forward.

APCC - NEW FEATURE - Automatically send mount flip point to Sequence Generator Pro. "Meridian Limits" and "Counterweight up slews within West limits" must both be enabled.

APCC Pro (APPM) - BUG FIX - After a point mapping run APPM offers to immediately use the data. Clicking "OK" would often result in a message saying the model was not installed correctly (but it was). model. This false error message should no longer occur.

APCC Pro (APPM) - IMPROVEMENT - when attempting to connect to Sequence Generator Pro, APPM first checks that SGPro is running. If SGPro is not running, a pop up message indicating that is displayed.

APCC Pro (APPM) - BUG FIX - Numerous improvements and bug fixes to the plate solving architecture.

APCC Pro (APPM) - BUG FIX - DSLR ISO values are now properly passed to SGPro.

APCC Pro (APPM) - BUG FIX - The command to set Slew Rate was getting ignored when starting a APPM run.

APCC Pro (APPM) - BUG FIX - Camera Binning setting was not being used to adjust the unbinned image scale.

APCC Pro (APPM) - Optional settings review dialog allows you to review the settings before starting a mapping run.


Version - 12/09/2016 (Public Beta)

APCC - Updated documentation.

APCC - Fixed Status View Connect button text (never changed from "Disconnect").

APCC - Advanced Settings window was missing the "Help" button.

APCC - Fixed a problem that could cause the Virtual ports to not be auto-allocated.

APCC - When the mount needs to be initialized APCC will now bring up the Initialize mount window, even if auto-initialize is disabled. The user can decide to initialize or not.

APCC - Fixed issue with APCC showing the wrong button text when a connect to the driver fails.

APCC - Removed some unnecessary debug log statements.

APCC Pro (APPM) - APPM's slew rate was not getting set down in the mount.

APCC Pro (APPM) - Fixed several problems with plate solve directory function.

APCC Pro (APPM) - Fixed several bugs in the plate solving state machine.

APCC Pro (APPM) - To improve startup speed, if dark frame subtraction is selected APPM will start the dark frame in parallel with the mount settling after a move.

Version - 11/14/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Updated documentation.

Version - 11/02/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC Pro - Increased range of allowable barometric pressure from 800-1100 to 500-1300.

APCC Pro (APPM) - Minor fixes for PinPoint compatibility (Note: PinPoint 6.1d or later is required if using PinPoint's All-Sky plate solves)

Version - 10/31/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added new option in Advanced Settings to keep mount time synced to the computer. This option overrides the same feature in the ASCOM driver. If enabled, APCC will sync time even if the option in the driver is disabled (Driver v5.09.02 or later required). When disabled in APCC however, the driver can temporarily (until APCC is restarted) enable time sync in APCC. When connected to APCC the driver will delegate Time syncing to APCC and the driver will not itself perform time syncing.

APCC - EXPERIMENTAL - Requires driver v5.09.02 or later - APCC will now define two Virtual Ports for the ASCOM driver. Because of the way COM interop works, a separate instance of the driver will be created each for ASCOM clients running from the user account, and for ASCOM clients running "as administrator." In a hope to allow applications that need to be run "as administrator" work with applications that don't.

The first virtual port will be used by the instance of the driver started in user mode.

The second virtual port will be used by the driver if it started "as administrator"

APCC - Fixed range errors in some controls.

APCC Pro (APPM) - Added support for SGPro Cameras to APPM.

APCC Pro (APPM) - Removed checkbox for PinPoint All-Sky and added separate buttons to do All Sky Solve and All Sky Solve and Sync

APCC Pro (APPM) - Added new plate-solving choices to APPM: SkyX Image Linking, and Sequence Generator Pro (tested with PlateSolveX)

APCC Pro (APPM) - Added option to set explicitly set the Slew Rate for mapping runs.

APCC Pro (APPM) - Added option to open Images in the by double clicking the entry in the mapping table.

APCC Pro (APPM) - Added feature to Plate Solve files in a directory.


Version - 09/19/2016 (Public Beta)

APCC - FIXED - do not invoke COM port fallback when disconnected.

APCC - FIXED - responses to the ASCOM driver could sometimes be delayed significantly, thus making the driver think it had lost a connection to the mount.

APCC - Adjusted position of new indicators in the "Telescope Position" group box to look better for APCC Standard.

APCC - Widened the "TRACK" indicator to allow "TRACKING" and "PARKED" to fit.

APCC - FIXED - PEM indicator was not working correctly.

APCC - Added "Auto-Reset" option to Horizon Limits and Meridian Limits. When checked these limits will automatically be reset when the mount goes back within limits.

APCC - FIXED - APCC was returning a cached value of the mount's time to the driver, which was causing the driver to sometimes think the time had gone outside the two-minute range.

APCC - Stopped using cached values on the virtual ports for the following commands: GC, GL, GG, GP, GA, and GZ. These commands now pass through to the mount.

APPM - Added "Sequence Generator Pro" as a new camera option.

APPM - Fixed the "Image Link Test" setting for TheSkyX plate solving.

APPM - BUG FIX - Even when TheSkyX plate solving was selected, PinPoint Plate solves were being used. (more work needed here).


Version - 09/07/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added COM port fallback to ethernet/wi-fi connection

APCC - Added "Pier Flip" button to "Move Scope" and "Meridian Delay" Group boxes

APCC - Added "Slew Speed" to "Move Scope" group box so that it is easy to tell the set slew speed.

APCC - Rearranged controls in "Move Scope" group box to make better use of space

APCC - Added Tracking State and PEM State labels (with Tool Tips)  to "Telescope Position" group box

APCC - Meridian/Horizon labels in "Telescope Position" group box can be single-clicked to open their respective tabs. Double clicking will  toggle their enabled state.

APCC Pro - Changed labels for Pointing and Tracking rate correction to "Point Corr" and "Rate Corr", respectively.

These labels can be single-clicked to open the Pointing Model tab. Double clicking will  toggle their enabled state.

APCC - Added warning messages when enabling "Stop Tracking after Unparking"

APCC - Don't allow user to set or clear Meridian Delay while Meridian Limits and Slew within East/West is enabled.

APCC - Added "Exhaustive COM Port Search" option (default) to  Advanced Settings

APCC - Added "Just Warn" option to Meridian and Horizon Limits

APCC - Fixed behavior of Horizon and Meridian Limits status fields

APCC Pro - Changed RA and Dec pointing error from Decimal mins/arc-mins to Mins/Secs and Degs/Secs, repectively.

APCC Pro - Changed RA and Dec tracking rate units from "secs/sec" and "arc-secs/sec" to a more understandable "secs/hour" and "arc-secs/hour", respectively.

APCC - Close "Find GTOCP4" window when "Select" is clicked.


Version - 08/25/2016 (Public Beta)

APCC - Added check box to stop tracking after unparking.

APCC - Changed confusing custom park Alt/Az boxes to labels.

APCC - Changed look of a number of labels to be more consistent.

APCC - Added status labels for Meridian Limits, Horizon Limits, Pointing and Tracking rate correction (Tooltip info is presented when mouse hovers over them).


Version - 08/25/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Fixed incorrect time zone when unparking

APCC - Fixed meridian delay getting cleared when slewing with meridian limits disabled.


Version - 08/21/2016 (Public Beta)

APCC - Even more changes to Time Zone logic to fix issues with an European version of Windows.

APCC - Fix double moves in counterweight up positions when using the GTOCP4.

APCC - Fixed some logic errors with the Counterweight-up slews within East/West Limits.


Version - 08/17/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Further changes to Time Zone logic to fix issues with an European version of Windows.


Version - 08/14/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Captured Time Zone initialization errors and allow APCC to complete startup.

APCC - "Create Virtual Ports first" option will now automatically select a virtual COM port if none is defined for the first virtual port.

APCC Pro - Fixed labels for RA pointing and tracking rate corrections

APCC - when loading a settings file, put up a window indicating the operation is active.


Version - 08/07/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC Pro (only) - Pointing model corrections were not being applied when a pier flip occurred when using a GTOCP4.


Version - 07/17/2016 (Public Beta)

APCC - Fixed double initialization that can happen sometimes.

APCC - Added tool tips to some of the options in the connection group box.

APCC - Added a "Now" button to do a one-time configuration of the ASCOM driver (as an alternative to the "auto-config" option that re-configures every time APCC starts the ASCOM driver).


Version - 07/13/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Removed unintentional residual use of Eltima 7.x.


Version - 06/27/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Direct broadcasts for GTOCP4's out all network devices that support IP V4.

APCC - Allow control characters to be sent in Terminal Interface (by pressing CTRL+character)

APCC - Upgraded to the latest Eltima Virtual Port driver (v8.0.435).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This requires any previous version of APCC to be uninstalled.


Version - 06/05/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added a command line switch so APCC knows it is being started by the driver and can do certain start up actions to better ensure the driver can connect.

APCC - Before unparking force meridian delay to 0.

APCC - Auto-create the first virtual port if not defined when starting.

APCC - Improved robustness of matching the ASCOM driver's port to APCC's first virtual port (requires ASCOM driver v5.09.00 or later)


Version - 06/03/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Prevent the Log Zipper window from being used while connected to the mount or driver.

APCC - Disable Log Pausing for now to capture any potential errors that might be missed when logging is paused.

APCC - Added additional log output to help debug certain scenarios.


Version - 05/31/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Fixed accidental dual Virtual port threads when there should have been only one thread.


Version - 05/31/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Poll site longitude/latitude from the mount when connecting to the mount.

APCC - Add more logging detail for debugging in case a network error occurs.


Version - 05/29/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Moved polling to a background thread so that resizing windows and other user interface actions do not slow down polling (noticed by Chris Erickson)

APCC - Removed UDP checkbox, and the Serial/USB and the Net/WiFi radio buttons and replaced with a drop down list of connection methods. While connected the user can still switch between UDP and TCP in real-time.

APCC - Instead of "Net" the first connection status box will show "TCP" or "UDP", reflecting the protocol being used.

APCC - Added a new discovery button to locate any CP4 on the local LAN and allow it to be selected.

APCC - When connecting to the AP driver, if "Auto-config" is not selected APCC will automatically setup the driver's COM port and APCC setting if not correctly set.

APCC - When starting APCC it will create a full backup of settings in C:\ProgramData\Astro-Physics\APCC\Backups.

APCC - APCC will try up to 3 times to write a setting to a file before throwing an error. It will wait at least 50 milliseconds before retrying a save.


Version - 05/25/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Add UDP as alternative to TCP/HTTP requests.


Version - 05/22/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - BUG FIX - disconnecting the driver did not update the button user interface state correctly.


Version - 05/21/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Major internal changes to combine multiple commands for more efficient polling of the GTOCP4 when using LAN/wi-fi.


Version - 05/14/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Refinements to improve Ethernet/Wifi command/response reliability.


Version - 05/13/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Made mount timeout value available while connected (was formerly disabled while connected) to allow changing timeout dynamically.

APCC - Create separate timeout values for Ethernet/Wifi and for Serial/USB ports.

APCC - Lowered Ethernet minimum timeout to 10 msecs.

APCC - In "Comm Events" window add a "Clear Queues" button to allow a user to clear all command queues to hopefully allow a lost wifi connection to be res-established.

APCC - Removed "Reset Limit Triggers" button in Home/Limits tab.


Version - 05/12/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - BUG FIX - Fixed Primary and backup COM port boxes. They were too narrow to fit two-digit COM ports.

APCC - BUG FIX - COM ports were sometimes randomly ordered in the drop down list box. They are now sorted numerically.

APCC - BUG FIX - Emergency Stop window wasn't stopping moves for the GTOCP4.


Version - 05/11/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Changed text and position of some Connection group box controls around for more clarity.

APCC - Disable Ethernet/WiFi option if GTOCP3 is being used.

APCC - Fixed bug in the Connect operation to the AP V2 Driver.


Version - 05/10/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Slightly increased height and width of APCC's main window to fix additional Connection group box controls for ethernet/wi-fi connections.

APCC - Moved "COM Events" (COM Port events) button to status bar and renamed to "Comm Events" (Communications Events). It will turn light red (pink?) if there are any communications errors.

APCC - Reworked Connection group box to include radio control options for Ethernet/Wi-fi and Serial/USB

APCC - Moved Connect Driver button from Virtual Ports tab to Connection group box

APCC - When APCC is connected to the mount or driver, the corresponding button turns light green as an indication.

APCC - Moved "Close Emergency Stop window when done slewing" option from "Advanced Settings" to "Program Operation" group box

APCC - Moved "Create Virtual Ports first" option from "Advanced Settings" to "Connection" group box.

APCC - Added "Auto-Connect Driver" and "Auto-Configure" driver options to "Connection" group box.

APCC - Added "Edit Initialize Mount Settings..." to the Settings menu. This allows a user to edit initialization settings without initializing the mount.

APCC - "Initialize Mount..." option in Settings menu no longer will proceed unless mount is connected and RA=0 and Dec=90.

APCC - BUG FIX - Fixed issue with Emergency Stop window not closing after parking.

APCC - BUG FIX - the Error Log Window no longer also opens the 3D Viewer.

APCC - BUG FIX - Home and limits feature never requires reprogramming the GTCP4 personality

APCC - APCC automatically starts a new log file if the log file size exceeds about 100 MB.


Version - 05/01/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - BUG-FIX - fixed endless re-initialization loop when mount was first initialized


Version - 05/01/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - BUG FIX - Fixed exceptions when connection the driver to APCC.


Version - 05/01/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added ability to connect to the GTOCP4 via an ethernet/wi-fi connection.


Version - 03/26/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added "Update personality" button and associated functionality to enable end users to reconfigure their mount to use the Home and Limits feature. The button will only display if the personality has not already been updated.

APCC - Made Goto RA/Dec controls like Goto Alt/Az controls.


Version - 03/16/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - Fixed a bug in the Status window that would cause an exception if the user had configured the Status Window to be shown when APCC starts.


Version - 03/16/2016 (Private Beta)

APCC - disable safe slews if it detects the CP4.

APPM - Add ASCOM Camera and SkyX Camera Add-on as new cameras.

APPM - Add SkyX Plate Solving as alternative to PinPoint.

APCC - Add popup window to report details of unhandled exceptions back to me (The user must ok the sending of this data).


Version - 12/29/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - made an user interface change for the Declination limit.


Version - 12/23/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - changes to match the status window and main window's move rates.

APCC - added a warning for the east/west limits

APCC - Hide the home/limits tab if AE box is detected.


Version - 11/23/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added settings save via SQLITE database.

APCC - Added new status box to the user interface for backup COM port.

APCC - Added  new way of determining which COM ports are real and which are virtual ports.


Version - 11/16/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - improved intelligence in selecting a free virtual com port for the driver to use.

APCC - Fixed issue with backup COM port not working as designed.

APCC - Fixed syntax error in a command sent to the mount (double ":")

Horizons - Added extra debug statements.


Version - 11/04/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Some semi-major reorganization of the user interface.

1) Changed look of the setup tab.

2) Placed the AutoConnect option into the Connect groupbox.

3) Moved the Virtual Ports tab to the second tab position so users can find it more easily.

4) Each of the four new application buttons (ApTimer, ApJog, ApRAPAS, PEMPro) will only be visible if the corresponding application is installed.

5) Added one extra option in the Advanced settings to close the Emergency Slew window automatically after a slew completes.


Version - 10/25/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added more debug statements to track down issues when users have COM port errors.


Version - 10/8/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC -  (now defunct) balance mount procedure.


Version - 10/1/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - fixed problem reported by David on Ap-gto forum concerning goto incorrectly loading the mount's RA/Dec with Pointing Correction enabled.


Version - 9/17/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - fixed problem reported by Joe Z. (never-ending park when the park position is under the Horizon limit).


Version - 9/12/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - fixed the lockup problems and the RA/Dec limits.


Version - 9/7/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - fixed limit bug with Park 4.


Version - 9/5/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Fixed problem with the "Set" personality commands.


Version - 9/5/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC -  Fixed problem with the "Get" personality commands

APCC - Implemented the faster bounce logic.


Version - 9/3/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an incorrect park position.

APCC - Pol mount for personality and disable Home/Limits tab if personality has not been updated.


Version - 8/29//2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added read personality command.

APCC - Changed bounce back to happen only in the axis that hits a limit (and not both axes).

APCC - Added short pause before a bounce.


Version - 8/28/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - added an automatic clear of the limits if the mount goes back within limits.

APCC - added the bounce back option but I didn't have time to try it this morning so I'm not sure it will work as you expect. When bouncing back I start homing operations on both axes simultaneously and stop after 2 seconds.

APCC = fixed typo in the Dec Limits checking. It wasn't checking Dec limits at all like it was supposed to but was checking RA limits.


Version - 8/27/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Fix an issue with the limits not being saved.

APCC - Added a check for a minimum ASCOM platform version, which was causing an issue with APCC's pointing calculations because the old ASCOM utility functions had a few bugs.  


Version - 8/13/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Properly handle Home configuration aborts

APCC - Limits should now work for both Southern and northern hemisphere

APCC - Added three new limit actions:

 a) "Just Warn" --  does nothing but pop up an asynchronous window warning the user that a limit was breached (all actions do this also). This might be good for your testing so you won't be triggering parks and homing actions.

 b) "Stop Slew" -- Stops the slew but does not stop tracking.

 c) "Stop Slew, Stop Tracking" - Stops slew and tracking, but does not Park


Version - 8/12/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Use the move RA/Dec fields to detect slewing done when homing (the GOS slew field is not indicating correctly).


Version - 8/11/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added missing RA home command.

APCC - Other minor fixes to homing/limits logic.


Version - 8/10/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Fixes and changes to Home and Limits tab.

APCC - Added error log window


Version - 7/9/2015 (Private Beta)

APCC - Added 3D Warning Windows.

APCC - Add Calibrate Home Warning Windows.

APCC - Started work on Environmental Graph Window.

APCC - Added Home and Limits window.


Version - 5/27/2015 (Release)

APCC - BUG FIX - releasing any of the Status View move buttons would trigger the Emergency Stop window because the StopMove function used by the Emergency stop button was also used by the mouse up events for all of the Status View's move buttons.


Version - 5/27/2015 (Release Candidate)

APCC - Redesigned 3D Scope syncing logic to fix potential boundary conditions where the 3D scope view might incorrectly show the mount's orientation.

APPM - Internal changes preparing for additional plate solving


Version - 4/20/2015 (Beta)


* To prevent confusion on the use of the refraction checkboxes, they have been removed.

* Fixed display issues with the 3D Scope View

* Added "Create Virtual Ports First" option to Advanced settings, which when enabled will always create the

virtual ports, even if the mount is off or not connected. This will allow the ASCOM driver to attach to a virtual port

and potentially wait for the mount to be powered on.

* Fixed extra flip when scope is in a counterweight up position and the meridian limit set such that scope

should slew directly to the target position.

* Fixed similar to the above when meridian limits are set up.

* Fixed rounding error in longitude/latitude

* Park 2 and Park 3 used a hour angle of exactly -6, which caused some anomalies.

* Added additional commands for external programs to use:

○ APCCVERSION returns Pro or Standard

○ LIMITREACHED returns if a limit has been reached (Meridian or Horizon)






Added missing DLL for AstroArt

Added new camera option to select SkyXPro Camera



Allow "steps" to be used in calculations for fast moving satellites, like ISS

When clicking Stop tracking button tracking was completely stopped instead of returning to sidereal

Added option to display Native tracking rates.


Version - 1/16/2015 (Release)

APCC - BUG FIX - Fixed link in Horizons to APCC's help file.

APCC - BUG FIX - Set Meridian Delay to 0 before unparking.

APCC - BUG FIX - Fix excessive CPU utilization when "Automatic Shutdown" is selected.

APCC - BUG FIX - Improve some of ELS homing functionality.


Version - 1/1/2015 (Beta)

APCC - Allow APCC to be connected to a COM Port waiting for mount to be turned on.

APCC - BUG FIX - Fixed "arithmetic overflow" that sometimes happened when calculating CRCs


Version - 12/20/2014 (Release)

APCC - BUG FIX - Fixed start up issue with Windows XP.

APCC - BUG FIX - Fixed homing issue with 3600 mounts Homing feature.


Version - 11/30/2014 (Beta 8-11)

APCC - BUG FIX - Fixed extra slew that was happening sometimes when slewing from Park 1.

APCC - BUG FIX - Main window's position should now be restored if the Save windows positions option is set. Also, other window positions should be saved when closing the main window to exit APCC. Previously the windows had to be closed first to be remembered.

APCC - BUG FIX - Not all COMM timeouts were being reported in the COM Timeouts window.

APCC - Improved detection of mount disconnects and reconnects. LST/RA/Dec/Alt/Az fields will now flash when mount connection is lost.

APCC - Made improvements to logging.


Version - 11/22/2014 (Beta 1-7)

APCC - Meridian Limits - Changed entry value precision to 2 decimal places.

APCC - Improved robustness of "Connect to Port" logic.

APCC - Improved the look and feel of the COM Port warning/error dialog. Removed pop-up warning messages (replaced by aforementioned dialog).

APCC - Changed "Administrator"  to "Elevated" to more accurately describe APCC's privilege level.  Implemented a different way to check for elevation.

APCC - BUG FIX - Main window's position should now be restored if the Save windows positions option is set.

APCC - BUG FIX -Port status colors were sometimes incorrect.

APCC - Tweaked Park 1, 3, and 4's positions

APCC - Added "Always on top" option to Scope 3D View window.

APCC - BUG FIX - If the THUM service is running queries to the THUM would fail after 10 seconds but would hold up APCC during that time so querying the THUM has been moved to a separate thread. WARNING: users should NOT install and/or enable the THUM service/application software because then APCC will not be able to communicate with the THUM.

APCC - BUG FIX - Added separate checks for updates for the Standard and Pro editions.

APCC - Added various information to the log files.

APPM - New Feature (Pro Only) - For dome users added new passive method for checking for dome move completion. Instead of actively moving the dome via the ASCOM dome slewing commands, APPM will assume that another program (e.g. DC3 dreams'  ACP software) will issue the slew. APPM just passively waits for the slew to complete. This option is setable via a new dome settings window in APPM's settings menu.

Installer - Give permissions to "everyone" for Read/write access for logs and settings directories.


Version (Official Release) - 10/12/2014

APCC - FEATURE - Added an option to the Log window to only show telescope move commands, which can be useful for debugging autoguider issues.


Version - 10/06/2014

APCC - Fixed issue with reading settings file.


Version - 8/25/2014

APCC - Declination degrees was being set to 0 after a save if the field was a negative value.

APCC - Restored "West Limits" check box and finished implementing corresponding functionality (see help section on Meridian Limits).


Version - 8/15/2014

APCC - Now requires firmware version 'V" or later to run.

APCC - Changed out of date references to "U" firmware to save "V" firmware.

APCC/APPM - Further updates to the documentation .


Version - 8/10/2014

APCC - BUG FIX - ASCOM driver would lock up if "Check for Valid Firmware" was clicked and the driver was already setup to talk to APCC.


Version - 8/8/2014

APPM - BUG FIX - Changing how Image FIT files were saved in an APPM run did not change immediately (required a restart).

APCC - BUG FIX - When "start with Status View Window" was selected and the Main window brought up from the Status View, the Status View Window would minimize if the main window was minimized. Now the Main Window will (only) Minimize and optionally hide itself if the appropriate settings are enabled.

APCC - BUG FIX - Clicking a button to show a window from the Status View would not show the window if the window was previously opened but minimized.

APCC - BUG FIX - Horizon Limits check box was (purposely) cleared whenever parking or initializing the mount. Now it is not cleared but not "armed" until the scope if first slewed into an area that is within the horizon limits. Also, when clearing the Horizon limits trigger (which starts tracking) it won't actually be armed again until the mount is again within the Horizon limits.

APCC - Made visible the "Correct for refraction" check box.


Version - 7/16/2014

APPM - fixed bug reading Horizon limits from APCC's settings file.


Version - 7/14/2014

APCC - added a triangulator class for future use.

APCC - automatically force the ASCOM driver to enable "chkAllowConnectIfMountNotPresent".

APCC - Updated the Help file with Howard's changes.

APPM - Improved performance of APPM when adjusting Point map and connected to APCC/Driver.

Version (Release Candidate) - 6/25/2014

Minor changes to try to fix an issue found in RC72.