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Astro-Physics Command Center (APCC) is available in two versions, APCC Standard and APCC Pro. Please review the feature list below regarding each version.

APCC Standard Features

NEW in v1.8 - Full support for GTOCP5 and Mach 2.

NEW in v1.8 - Safety Park has been improved. In addition to being able to park in place, it can park to home or any of the AP park positions.

Full support for the GTOCP4 control box including Ethernet and WiFi connectivity.

Support for increased precision in the GTOCP4.

NEW in v1.7 -- Support for Encoder-equipped mounts, including configuration of encoder-based Home, and RA/Dec encoder limits.

NEW in V1.7 -- Support for ASCOM ObservingConditions.

NEW in V1.7 -- Improved support for operation with Sequence Generator Pro.

NEW in V1.7 -- Meridian limits now has a merdian flip offset feature.

All features of the latest GTOCP3 control box firmware are supported allowing feedback of the actual status of the mount at all times.

Tight integration with the AP V2 ASCOM driver.

Advanced support features for 3600GTO/3600GTOPE, 1600GTO and 1100GTO series mounts, including Home recovery.Editable 3D telescope view shows the current orientation of your telescope.

3D Viewer warns you if your celestial coordinates differ more than 5 degrees from the mechanical axis coordinates which could indicate trouble.

Editable horizon tracking limits to stop tracking or park the mount once a horizon limit is reached.

Editable meridian tracking limits to protect your telescope from pier collisions, and yet allow safe tracking past the meridian.

Slew to counterweight-up positions with dynamic meridian delay feature (tied to meridian tracking limits).

Safety slews for going into and out of counterweight-up positions.  All declination movement occurs while counterweight is safely pointing down.

Multiple virtual ports to allow easy connection of applications that do not require ASCOM support (like PulseGuide or TheSky6/X).

Site management allows easily changeable setup for multiple sites.

Display and change time zone settings

Support for reading latitude/longitude/elevation from third-party GPS devices

GoTo/ReCal on RA/Dec and Alt/Az coordinates

Coordinate conversions for JNow <-> J2000 and Alt/Az <-> RA/Dec

Access to backlash, reticle, focus (GTOCP3) and PEM settings (All mounts).

Set custom RA/Dec tracking rates

Can save/recall multiple RA/Dec and Alt/Az slew coordinates.

Park to editable alt/az position.

Available safety timer will cause the mount to park after a settable interval if a controlling computer crashes or loses COMs.

Enables auto-park on power-down.

Easy to read status window summarizes mount status of critical parameters.

Logging of all commands for debugging if a problem occurs.

Convenient log zipper function to bundle relevant log files should problems occur and you need support from AP’s world-class support team!

Can be configured to utilize a secondary serial port to prevent communication loss if a serial port to USB converter or network connection fails

Terminal Interface tool to send commands directly to the mount.

Includes the Horizons program for satellite, comet and asteroid tracking.

Errant ReCal protection.   Prevent outside client software from recalibrating on the wrong object

Home and Limits for NON-Encoder mounts.  Now your 400GTO, 600EGTO, Mach1GTO, 900GTO, 1200GTO or non-encoder 1100GTO, 1600GTO or 3600GTO can have Home and Limits

APCC Pro Features

Includes all features of the Standard version.

Dual-model pointing and tracking rate correction even with the telescope in the counterweight-up position

Includes a separate application to acquire Pointing/Tracking model data (APPM).

NEW in v1.8 -- Many improvements and bug fixes to APPM.

NEW in v1.8 -- Improvements and bug fixes that improve pointing and tracking rate accuracy.